stephanieclohesyave.html Clohesy Consulting is best suited for foundations, individual philanthropists, and non- profits that seek high-quality but personal and relationship-based guidance.

stephanieclohesyot.html Clohesy Consulting excels at developing thinking and knowledge, choosing strategies, and conceptualizing, sequencing, and implementing ideas.

stephanieclohesyly.html What makes Clohesy Consulting unique? Philanthropy is as much an art as it is a discipline.

stephanieclohesyiss.html Doing it well requires solid and rational Planning intensified by creative and challenging thinking.

stephanieclohesyit.html effective philanthropy requires both the intuition to do good and the wisdom of experience.

stephanieclohesylight.html Stephanie Clohesy brings a lifetime of leadership to her clients.

philanthropyave.html Her thirty years of national and international experience include public policy reform, women's and human rights, civic participation and democratization, and organizational and leadership development.

philanthropyot.html Stephanie Clohesy's recent developmental and research work in philanthropy has helped to launch several new foundations and programs while also contributing to the to the formation of a future agenda for philanthropy and nonprofits in knowledge-based and online systems.

philanthropyly.html Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy California Wellness Foundation Help guide and mentor changes underway in the Foundation’s grant making priorities and programs.

philanthropyiss.html The Chicago Foundation For Women Conducted an organization Audit to enable CFW to make decisions about technology, staff, team organization, as well as the completion of decision-making on strategic program priorities.

philanthropyit.html Chrysalis Foundation Design and implementation of a process to engage the community around stakeholders in Planning the future as it absorbs a major bequest and moves toward Planning an endowment campaign.

philanthropylight.html Community Foundation of Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Northeast Iowa: opportunity Works Design process steps and best methodologies for large scale community engagement to participate in decision making about increasing opportunities and reducing poverty in a six county region, including the Meskwaki Settlement-in partnership with the Northwest Area Foundation.

consultingave.html Girls Best Friend Foundation.

consultingot.html Strategic Planning for the staff and board Strategic advice to the Foundation’s individual donor Iowa Women’s Foundation.

consultingly.html Strategic Planning Nathan Cummings Foundation.

consultingiss.html PeaceJam Foundation.

consultingit.html The Caroline and Sigmund Schott Foundation.

consultinglight.html To assist the Board and executive staff in creating effective board to staff decision making.

non-profitave.html The Center for Women’s Global Leadership.

non-profitot.html organizational and staff development for this university-based program working internationally on women’s human rights The omidyar Foundation.

non-profitly.html Guided this new family foundation’s early development towards transforming the quality of communities through citizen engagement and more innovative nonprofit structures.

non-profitiss.html Provided technical assistance to foundation investees including Tufts University, Nevada Community Foundation, and The Global Fund for Children.

non-profitit.html Assist the foundation in its due diligence on major programmatic investments.

non-profitlight.html The Philanthropic Collaborative for Integrative Medicine.

foundationsave.html explore and articulate the quantity and quality, scope and depth of integrative medicine as it is emerging in the U.

foundationsot.html S.

foundationsly.html at this moment in history; produce a written report including visual concept-maps of the emerging field of integrative medicine.

foundationsiss.html The Sister Fund.

foundationsit.html Long-term organizational development and strategic design assistance to this foundation for its mission of serving women with access to the fewest resources Facilitated a series of dialogues among women theologians dedicated to integrating an empowering view of women into theology.

foundationslight.html Strategic advice and Planning to the donor and her family The Volunteer Consulting Group.

facilitationave.html Program design and process evaluation for the creation of an online board matching service, BoardNetUSA The Working Group on Philanthropy and the Inner Life.

facilitationot.html Tides Center: Community Clinics Initiative.

facilitationly.html Conceptualize and create a leadership development program uniquely suited to leaders of community clinics in California.

facilitationiss.html W.

facilitationit.html K.

facilitationlight.html Kellogg Foundation.

duediligenceave.html Comprehensive Planning and program development services for this “top five” foundation and its programs to strengthen the values and practice of volunteerism, philanthropy, and development of the nonprofit sector, including leadership development.

duediligenceot.html Research, concept mapping, issue-analysis, design and drafting of major reports.

duediligencely.html :Blur; e-Philanthropy 2002, Unleashing New Resources.

duediligenceiss.html Process facilitation, design, and conceptualization of program strategies for a variety of other WKKF divisions: Africa; Social Marketing; Youth and education; Social, Community, and economic Development; Battle Creek Community; Leadership.

duediligenceit.html Women and Philanthropy.

duediligencelight.html Facilitate a members’ dialogue about the past and future of philanthropy and the significance of philanthropy by and for women and girls-In Partnership with the Global Business Network Women’s Funding Network.

strategicplanningave.html Conceptualized the New economy and Women’s Philanthropy Project in partnership with the W.

strategicplanningot.html K.

strategicplanningly.html Kellogg Foundation.

strategicplanningiss.html Researched the life cycles of women’s foundations to identify a developmental model.

strategicplanningit.html Created an organizational assessment tool for life-cycle analysis and organizational development.

strategicplanninglight.html Research and write a report on lessons learned about “Donor Circles”, Donor Advised Funds, and New Wealth Donors as innovations within philanthropy and their use by Women’s Funds to build community wealth on behalf of women and girls; now in use among women’s funds worldwide.

organizationaldevelopmentave.html ” In this same bullet between the word “tool” and “for” insert “called SmartGrowth.

organizationaldevelopmentot.html Adapt SmartGrowth work for new and family foundations in partnership with the Foundation Incubator, Silicon Valley.

organizationaldevelopmently.html Past Clients Fetzer Institute.

organizationaldevelopmentiss.html Scanned the work of major and new foundations to discover and codify how foundations are supporting and nurturing the growth and development of philanthropy.

organizationaldevelopmentit.html Ford Foundation.

organizationaldevelopmentlight.html Reported about the ways in which philanthropy is responding to youth service issues.

executivementoringave.html HopeLab Foundation.

executivementoringot.html Coached the Ceo of this new operating foundation focused on adolescent cancer care.

executivementoringly.html i2 Foundation.

executivementoringiss.html Guided the conceptualization and creation of a corporate foundation (i2 Foundation).

executivementoringit.html Advised the development of a related operating program to bring supply chain technology services to the nonprofit sector (AidMatrix).

executivementoringlight.html Facilitated decision-making for employee-based volunteerism and philanthropy (i2 Cares).

designave.html James Irvine Foundation.

designot.html Reported about knowledge creation, knowledge and information systems and the options for integrating such systems into the strategic work of a foundation.

designly.html New York Women’s Foundation.

designiss.html Assisted the Board in making a major transition in programming and leadership.

designit.html The Global Health Corps.

designlight.html Planning for this university-based program providing cultural competency skills to students in community health programs.

implementationave.html The Institute for Women’s Leadership, Rutgers University.

implementationot.html Strategic Planning and organizational development for a unique collaboration linking the women’s educational and research units within Rutgers.

implementationly.html The Three Guineas Foundation.

implementationiss.html Designed a strategic review to adjust programming and organizational priorities for improving the place of women in technology and the economy.

implementationit.html The White House Project.

implementationlight.html Assistance for the development of a political leadership education program.

strategyave.html INTeRNATIoNAL eXPeRIeNCe.

strategyot.html Southern Africa—Assisted the W.

strategyly.html K.

strategyiss.html Kellogg Foundation to plan and launch its second decade strategy as a funder in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, and Mozambique.

strategyit.html eastern europe/the Yugoslav Successor States—Helped to found and then provided organizational development to the STAR Project, which is a partnership between women leaders in the U.

strategylight.html S.

nonprofitave.html and women in the war zones and new democracies of eastern europe.

nonprofitot.html Argentina—Helped a large and diverse coalition of nonprofit organizations to remodel their structures and leadership development plans as part of the post-military democratization process in the mid 1980’s Salzburg Seminar—Served from 1993 to 1999 as faculty or co-chair for five of the Salzburg Seminar’s annual international sessions on the development of NGos and the democratization process.

nonprofitly.html Strategic Planning Assess and analyze organizational structure and situation.

nonprofitiss.html Design and/or implement research, mapping, and evaluation.

nonprofitit.html Conceptualize and design a Planning process.

nonprofitlight.html Facilitate meetings and retreats Catalyze organizational decision-making.

granteesave.html Follow-up with staff and board to implement strategy.

granteesot.html The Start-Up Process.

granteesly.html Social, human, and financial capital analysis.

granteesiss.html Feasibility studies.

granteesit.html Legal procedures education.

granteeslight.html Hiring decisions Board development and training.

e-philanthropyave.html executive Coaching.

e-philanthropyot.html Mentoring and feedback.

e-philanthropyly.html Accelerating leaders' analysis of organizational dynamics and relationships.

e-philanthropyiss.html Helping create solutions to organizational dilemmas and opportunities.

e-philanthropyit.html Staff and Board Development.

e-philanthropylight.html Structural design Role definition Board/staff assessments.

socialchangeave.html Team building Program Impact Services.

socialchangeot.html Researching issues.

socialchangely.html examining trends and challenges Scanning/mapping fields of interest Writing special reports and evaluations.

socialchangeiss.html Grantmaking Process.

socialchangeit.html Interpreting the foundation's strategies and desired outcomes into grantmaking process and priorities.

socialchangelight.html Providing due diligence-assessing the potential of investees/grantees .

socialjusticeave.html Providing technical assistance to potential and new grantees/investees.

socialjusticeot.html Clohesy Consulting is best suited for foundations, individual philanthropists, and non- profits that seek high-quality but personal and relationship-based guidance.

socialjusticely.html Clohesy Consulting excels at developing thinking and knowledge, choosing strategies, and conceptualizing, sequencing, and implementing ideas.

socialjusticeiss.html What makes Clohesy Consulting unique? Philanthropy is as much an art as it is a discipline.

socialjusticeit.html Doing it well requires solid and rational Planning intensified by creative and challenging thinking.

socialjusticelight.html effective philanthropy requires both the intuition to do good and the wisdom of experience.